Daily life dignity

Literature is not used to copy the daily life or even life, writers can in the daily life narration in the real plight of starting, with deep soul writing ipad video converter to the level, discard the false and retain the true, presenting the most profound life experience and life dignity, write " treasure of the world ", make the daily life to the more the rich possibilities open.

French philosopher Lefebvre said: "the daily life of each person. " The personal is the daily life existence. Therefore, for both people and objects, with factitious main body of literature, writing daily life narrative value self-evident. However, a review of the contemporary literature development, in a fairly long period of time, in twentieth Century the mainstream literary narrative performance of daily living focus has always been to " modern sex ", " modern anxiety " such words dominate, not to find out daily life dignity, digging the value and significance of daily life for the purpose of. Daily life in the literary field experienced by shielding, rejection, rewritten to open, passionate, release process.

Since the new period, with the social and political and economic change and to processes of secularization in the opening, with the literature on returncopy protected dvd to the standard of active practice and to "person" rediscover, search, literature on everyday life performance embarks on a journey to open. Although this " open " and " looking for " itself has sufficient literary significance, but the daily life narration in " to open " the experience in the process change or embodiment of the various trends are also hidden behind the problems worth to be thinking about daily life, it also shows that the writing still have space for discussion and explanation of the necessity.

The early literature of the new period although considerable work in daily life or entry, " the meaning is implied. " however, in daily life, writing mainly from ontological exploring the dignity and value of modern social ideal, is still arrived, expression of collective cultural appeal of entrance channel. Can say, early in the new period literature in daily life is still largely be possessed by the public value concept, commanding presence.

Vanguard literature tries to "how to say" " methodology " level, bold breakthrough, in order to poke shrouded in mist above the grand narrative literature. However, technology and form of obsession and makes the daily life narration in evacuated the specific meaning of life, to become more of the borrowed word symbols, the meaning of form over the meaning of life. Whether it is a concept of a body was symbolic of daily life, their dignity and value is still empty.

The desire of the daily life

When the logic of market economy and the secular spirit to further literary fields, new realism literature, novel of new generation and other types of coronal with "new " word of literary narrative, take the " narrative " instead of " narrative ", no longer clings to the daily life of recourse to " themes ", but the narrative point of view down the body, the meaning of everyday life as the starting point. Daily life no longer need to rely on and grand discourse, social idea counterpoint to obtain meaning.

Such a return to " the world we live in " displacement, of course have a break before the daily life narration in " blind ", make the daily life of this area to open. But the release of the value is not perfect: in the daily life of the material, daily and Secularity of rendering and reduction process, daily life contains spiritual value may be banished to the desolate. Literary narrative in free spirit, the heights overlooking occupy concept, transform daily life narrative inertia, immediately to " vent " dvd creator spiritual factors, indulge in worldly, physical existence in the direction of a road racing. The writing to the secular, daily indulgence and carefree attitude ease daily life on the body of the spirit. This narrative attitude is revealed in the text construction to life world the essence of the concept of life world, rejection of the definition of intention, but also deconstructs the flow in the daily life of the poetic, banished from daily life in the germinal meaning and dignity.

The typical narrative attitude of everyday life is poetic digestion and the daily life world of desire. New realistic novels with " zero emotion " everyday life objectively presenting as " eating and Sleeping sleep " material circulation, and termination of judging the value of narrative choice is cut off between individual and life world spirit channel, leaving only the secular, physical survival of the entrance. Our life from " tofu sour ", also from " queuing to buy tofu cabbage " end, it is inherently can be summarized as " existence and nothingness " in trivial, ordinary " alive" is the " existence", and any daily starting value recourse is " nothingness ". The dissipative meaningful way construction of daily life, daily life of legitimacy for reduction of narrative logic is to avoid the spirit world to life world in May, there is mounting daily life dignity.






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